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New Haven Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability benefits are intended to help injured workers get through a tough time following injuries that render them unable to work. Such injuries also cause financial pain and suffering for the injured persons, and these benefits provide compensation to allow for a somewhat normal lifestyle, despite the injuries. At Mendelsohn Law Offices, in New Haven, CT, people get the help they need to apply for benefits, appeal denials, and obtain Social Security Disability benefits.

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New Haven Social Security Disability Attorney Harold Mendelsohn is the founder of Mendelsohn Law Offices, a private law firm. Attorney Mendelsohn has been licensed to practice law in Connecticut since 1982, and he also is registered in New York, since 1983. One of the main areas of law practice he provides to clients is helping them obtain Social Security Benefits following certain injuries.

Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security Disability is a special government compensation benefits program available to persons who have worked long enough and previously paid Social Security taxes. If you are injured, are unable to work, and you meet certain criteria, you may be granted disability payments for a period of time until you are again able to return to work. To be approved, you must meet a specific definition of disability and meet other work-related requirements. It is important to submit the right information and evidence to become approved.

Getting your claim approved is not an easy feat. It can be a lengthy and, for some, fruitless process. Many who try to obtain Social Security Disability benefits are denied after a long period of waiting for that important approval. Appeals can be equally frustrating. Meanwhile, expenses and income losses accrue, disrupting lives in some cases to the point where some people even are divorced over their financial turmoil.

New Haven Social Security Disability Attorney

Harold Mendelsohn understands the details of this government program and has helped clients obtain their due benefits quickly, so they can recover without worrying about their claim status. He also is experienced in helping those who have already been denied to make a successful appeal.

Social Security Benefits can help you stay current with your regular bills, pay for proper medical care and recovery services, and get the peace of mind this program was designed to provide injured workers. The application process can be confusing, but Attorney Mendelsohn knows what information is required, and his knowledge can help you gain an approval.

Don’t delay in getting access to any Social Security Disability benefits you may be entitled to receive. Contact the Mendelsohn Law Offices, in New Haven, CT. Call Attorney Herbert Mendelsohn now, at 203-408-1131.