Medical Malpractice

We trust your doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists, and other health professionals to do their jobs well. We hold them to high standards of behavior and procedure. When those rules are ignored, it's important to hold them accountable through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Malpractice suits happen because a doctor or other health professional causes an injury to a patient through an error in diagnosis, treatment, or information management.

Proving Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice suits are subject to serious characteristics. To file one of these lawsuits, the claim in question has to meet several characteristics. The health professional needs to have ignored standards of care. In addition, there needs to be an injury that occurred as a result of the treatment. Finally, the injury must result in significant damages like loss of income, disability, unusual pain, or high medical bills.

The last point is important because, for the most part, these lawsuits aren't cheap to litigate. The cases take a lot of time to go through and usually require extensive expert testimony and depositions. That's why it's important to speak with a lawyer who understands the nuances of malpractice and can help explain your options.

I've practiced law for over thirty years and have extensive experience with these kinds of lawsuits. After going over the details of your situation, I can collaborate with you on a strategy to approach your case.

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What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

There are all kinds of situations that can become instances of medical malpractice. For example, a doctor who fails to diagnose a serious problem or misdiagnoses an illness as something else could be subject to a malpractice suit. Surgery that's not needed or a mistake made during the operation counts as well. The wrong medication or dosage, failure to recognize symptoms, and being discharged from the hospital prematurely are also forms of medical malpractice.

Remember, it's important that the injury caused by the physician or health professional led to specific damages. Physical pain, mental anguish, extra hospital bills, and lost wages because of time away from work all count as reasons to litigate a medical malpractice suit.

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