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Get the honest advice, counsel and representation you need to deal with difficult and complex legal matters at the New Haven, CT, law offices of Attorney Herbert Mendelsohn. 

At this law office, you receive dedicated professional legal services with direct personal attention. With Attorney Mendelsohn on your side, it’s not just business, it’s personal.

Mendelsohn Law Offices

Attorney Herbert Mendelsohn has been licensed to practice law in Connecticut since 1982, and he is also registered in New York, since 1983. At Mendelsohn Law Offices, people get exceptional legal services to manage their Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability Insurance, Criminal Defense, and Car Accident cases.

New Haven, CT, Legal Services

The primary areas of legal services that most people need support for include events that evolve from some type of harm that affects their physical well-being, income and financial stability. We offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case and to help you decide which legal options will bring best results in your unique situation. Our solutions are individualized to the needs and circumstances of each client we serve.

These are the main issues that bring many people to our New Haven, CT, law office:

Get the legal help you need today, and resolve those problems that have caused you physical harm, income loss, pain and other types of suffering. Contact the Mendelsohn Law Offices, in New Haven, CT. Call Attorney Herbert Mendelsohn now, at: 203-408-1131.

New Haven Personal Injury

Certain events caused by negligent behavior may cause physical, psychological and financial harm. Workplace accidents, discrimination in hiring practices or housing, safety violations, deliberate attacks and other actions may qualify for compensation under Personal Injury Law. We provide complete mediation, settlement negotiations and litigation representation to help you obtain fair compensation and justice for personal injury.

New Haven Auto Accident

Vehicle accidents cause financial and physical pain and suffering to thousands of people in the New Haven area every year. Attorney Mendelsohn is an experienced auto accident lawyer who understands the impact of auto accidents and their effect on entire families. He has helped hundreds of New Haven people win their claims.

New Haven SSDI

When you are eligible for New Haven SSDI benefits, getting approvals or winning appeals is not always easy. Many initial claims are denied, but Attorney Mendelsohn is ready to help you make a proper claim to obtain these benefits. He knows what information and evidence must be submitted to get approvals and speed up this often lengthy process, so you have the monetary benefits you need to get past your injury.